Roanoke Spiritual Teaching Plan

It is the desire of the Roanoke ministry to listen to and respond to the needs of the congregation. We would also like to encourage spiritual growth through both formal and informal teaching of biblical truths and principles applicable to our daily living. With this intent in mind, we want you to be informed of the following plan for spiritual teaching for the current year and previous year.


Hebrews: A Study of Christ, His Work, and Our Walk
January 3 The Majesty of Christ...He is Above All
January 24 Ministry of Christ...The Priesthood
January 31 Ministry of Christ...The Covenant
February 14 Ministry of Christ...The Sanctuary and Sacrifice
February 21 Perseverance of Faith
March 14 Endurance of Faith
March 28 Exhortation to Love & Conclusion
General Topics of Interest
April 25 Baptism: A Symbol and Sacrament
May 23 Marriage...Being Selfless in a Selfish World
June 27 Justification & Sanctification
July 25 Technology Today
August 22 A Biblical Approach to Non-Resistance
Christian Apologetics: Defending the Faith
October 31 If God is Good, Why is there Hell?
November 7 If God is Good, Why is there Pain and Suffering
November 14 Christianity vs. Other Religions...How to They Compare?