Fellowship Hall Statement of Policy

These guidelines are established for the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Fellowship Hall.

The Fellowship Hall is dedicated to the honor and glory of God and is to be respected as such at all times. The use of it is limited to wholesome, Godly activities and functions compatible with sound Biblical teachings. All activities are to be properly chaperoned and conducted in a manner honorable to God and in harmony with our faith, doctrine, and church practices.

The operation of the Fellowship Hall is under the direction of the board of trustees and the elder and ministers.

Approved Uses of the Fellowship Hall

  1. Weddings and/or wedding receptions
  2. Church sponsored activities, such as:
    1. Sunday School activities
    2. Choir activities
    3. Nursing Home activities
    4. Singing
    5. Other gatherings, picnics, etc.
    6. Young Group activities
    7. Benefit dinners
    8. World Relief activities
    9. Christmas Caroling events
  3. Private uses, such as:
    1. Reunions
    2. Picnics or meal functions
    3. Showers
    4. Singing
    5. Anniversaries
    6. Sewing group activities
    7. Family gatherings

Requests for other uses must be approved by the board of trustees and elder.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. No smoking is permitted inside or outside the Fellowship Hall.
  2. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the premises. (building or grounds)
  3. Profanity and offensive language are not allowed. No gambling. No dancing.
  4. Only slides or films pertaining to family gatherings or Apostolic Christian Church activities or interest shall be shown.
  5. Parents with children maintain the responsibility of properly supervising their conduct and safety at all times during the use of the building and grounds. Children must remain in the confines of the Fellowship Hall property at all times.
  6. The telephone is limited to local calls.
  7. Acts of misconduct should be reported to the board of trustees.
  8. In all uses, no activities should be in conflict with the second paragraph at the top of this page.

Church Sponsored Activities Guidelines

  1. Proper attire which is in harmony with church order is expected.
  2. All music must be appropriate and God-honoring. See additional note for weddings.
  3. Program speakers are limited to our brethren in the Apostolic Christian Church. Any exception must be approved.
  4. No functions except those directly connected with the church shall be permitted during times of church services.

Housekeeping by Parties Using the Fellowship Hall

  1. The parties using the Fellowship Hall are responsible for providing the manpower to perform set-up for various activities.
  2. Cleanliness reflects Godliness. Clean-up is expected with reasonable tidiness maintained. The building and grounds must be restored to the former condition at the earliest feasible time following the function and before use by another party.
  3. Users must exercise care to preserve and protect the facility and grounds.


First Priority:

  1. Functions officially sponsored by the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church and Sunday School.
  2. Weddings, wedding receptions, wedding suppers involving one or both parties (or their parents) who attend the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church. Reservations for these categories will be honored on a first come, first served basis. Weddings and receptions where one or both parties (or their parents) attend another Apostolic Christian Church will be confirmed 90 days before the desired date.

Second Priority:

  1. All other functions where neither of the parties (or their parents) attend the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church, but who attend another Apostolic Christian Church. Reservations for this category will be accepted at any time on a tentative basis to be confirmed 90 days before the desired date IF there are no requests in the meantime for uses given “first priority” as described above.

NOTE: Parties reserving the Fellowship Hall for a holiday one year will not be allowed to reserve that holiday more than 90 days in advance of that date the following year.

Wedding Guidelines

  1. Marriages are to be performed only by Apostolic Christian elders or ordained ministers.
  2. The church elder is responsible for premarriage counseling of the couple. This counseling will include an explanation of the Fellowship Hall wedding and/or reception guidelines.
  3. Music is to be only appropriate spiritual music and hymns. Musical instruments will be limited to a piano. Use of other instruments must be preapproved.
  4. Photography and/or video will be limited to before and/or after the ceremony, which begins when the groom and attendants enter the assembly room, and ends when the wedding party has exited. No photography and/or videoing is permitted during the wedding ceremony.
  5. The marriage activities conducted at the Fellowship Hall will be to praise and honor God; therefore, we will refrain from applause. Godly order shall prevail as the wedding couple departs.
  6. Supplemental furnishings or accessories used for the wedding ceremony should be modest. In addition to a podium, moderate use of floral arrangements and/or candelabrums are appropriate.

Maintenance and Expenditures of the Fellowship Hall

Maintenance provisions and disbursements will be directed by the board of trustees, which will be funded by donations. Memorial contributions may be made in memory of a loved one.

This Statement of Policy may be changed as seen fit by the elder, ministers, and the Board of Trustees.

Suggested Donations

Rental Area Roanoke Other
Foyer Only $75 $100
Foyer & Assembly Room $150 $200
Reception Only $250 $300
Wedding Only $175 $225
Wedding & Reception $250 $300
Wedding or Reception Set-up (per day) $50 $50
All-Church Bridal Shower $25 $50
Roanoke Church functions and Sunday School activities, singing, and/or Young Group No Charge