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Several groups within the Roanoke church utilize One Call Now to disseminate information, notifications, announcements, etc. for their communication purposes.
You can choose to receive either a text message, email, and/or phone call for some types of notifications. Only an email will be sent for the longer ones.
One Call Now will allow everyone to receive the same message at approximately the same time and eliminates the need for a manual call tree.

To request to be added to the One Call Now system, please fill out the form below or send an email to We will let you know when your request has been reviewed.

Only one person per form, please.

All fields highlighted in red are required before submitting.

One Call Now Request Form

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All-Church Communications (Announcements, Obits, church closing, etc.)
Funeral Meal Group
Prayer Requests

If you feel that you or others would have improved or more efficient communication by havinga new group created please send an email to and we will discuss the opportunity with the group or committee owner.